Jericho the Lion

OMP is not just about raising money for the specific charities of CANCER RESEARCH UK and the Homeless organization EMMAUS. From time to time we will spotlight individual causes and hope to bring awareness and open discussion on other worthy causes and issues.

One dear to my heart was the case of Cecil the Lion and some time ago I started a petition to bring awareness to people and ask for the protection of other lions, following an article about a bounty being put on his pack brother Jericho, an equally magnificent beast.

It’s important we don’t forget so I have kept this petition open with the view of posting this very blog once the OMP website was set up. Please support this message by signing the linked petition and SHARING/REBLOGGING/TWEETING etc with the hashtag #OMPsupportsProtectJerichoTheLion

Here is the link to a recent story which gives an update on Cecil’s cubs, now under the protection of Jericho.

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