November Blues

Today feels like a gloomy day.

Donald Trump has just won and most of the people I know are in shock. He represents everything that humanity has been trying to fight for decades. It feels like we just stepped back in history. And the saddest part? He didn’t get there alone.

People I love, admire and respect chose him.

I can’t understand why. Not even after hearing their reasons.

I’m biased. Completely.

I know the USA will keep going. I know they’re strong enough to get through this. I have no doubt about that. People are frustrated and worried, but life keeps going and they’ll make it work.

I’m worried about my country. I’m worried about Mexico.

But most of all, I’m worried about humanity.

What kind of society are we leaving to our children?

A society that breathes television shows and has you tube vlogs for dinner?

Our technological advances have brought us closer and further away. We live in a world where people can thrive in China from the seat of their home in Canada, but who are having a hard time interacting with one another on real time.

Just take a look around you.

We’re glued to our phones, to our iPads or computers. Most of our interactions are defined by likes, retweets or shares. Popularity is based on how many online friends we have.
Our humanity is falling apart. Our values are disappearing.

I think this is a wakeup call.

This is the moment when people realize where we stand and how we can change it.

Because we can turn things around. We can learn from our mistakes and our bad choices.

We know what doesn’t work and instead of ignoring it, we can start to fix it.

We’re given another opportunity to fight for our beliefs and to be a better person each day.

It must start within ourselves, though.

It doesn’t have to be a huge change. We can start by appreciating our loved ones, by showing our children how to be respectful and kind to one another.

No matter what language we speak, or the color of our skin, or who we’ve chosen to love, we are humans, and we’re all in this together.

A small gesture is all it takes to change the world.

Gaby Cabezut

OMP Admin Note: Gaby Cabezut is a writer and OMP Network member – one of a group of networkers who will be blogging on a regular basis on various causes and issues.

Gaby first became known to me through a recommendation from the talented, helpful and nice Keri-Lee Kroeger. It didn’t take me long to realise that Gaby was also possessed of these qualities so she seemed a natural fit to join the OMP Blogging team.

A much respected and followed writer on the large writing site WATTPAD, Gaby has also been published on Amazon and her two published works HOPELESSLY IMPERFECT and PRINCE WITH BENEFITS can be found here.

A story by Caby Cabezut will also be featured in the upcoming fifth volume of BITE SIZE STORIES.


One thought on “November Blues

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    America will survive. In a democracy, we respect the will of the people through our electoral process. Even if it means not getting the result you wanted. We’ve weathered a lot, and hopefully any challenges we face will unite us and make us stronger. I am sharing this thoughtful blog by the talented author, Gaby Cabezut, a member of the One Million Project.

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