Over a year ago, UK author Jason Greenfield decided to enlist his writer friends to join him in a literary effort to raise money for charity through the publication of a collection of short stories.  Over the months since that initial internet message to his fellow writers, a thirty-member cadre of writers from a variety of genres grew until it became one-hundred-eighty individuals — writers, editors, publishers, media persons, musicians, and artists — from eleven different time zones around the world.

Known as the “One Million Project”, this group volunteered their time and talents to produce what has become a three-volume anthology of short stories.  Each volume contains 40 original works which have been a true labor of love for the people involved.  The proceeds from the books will be donated to Cancer Research UK and the EMMAUS Homeless Charity.

All three volumes are available for Pre-order on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk right now.  Check out the links below!

Help us to raise a little sunshine in the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves through the power of words.

PhotoFunia-1517878074One Million Project: Fantasy





One Million Project: FictionPhotoFunia-1517878513(1)






One Million Project: Thriller




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