When I was a little girl, oh so many decades ago, my first form of storytelling was just that — sitting with my younger siblings and telling them a story that I made up. Creating little plays that we could perform in for my parents and grandparents. Playing in the yard, I would concoct a scenario of what we were playing that day. Sometimes we were settlers crossing the vast prairies looking for a place to build our cabin; at other times, we might be cruising through space in our spacecraft. (Can you tell I grew up in the sixties on series like Bonanza and Star Trek?)

Originally, I had planned to write a post on one of the One Million Project’s causes, but I decided to write about something new that I and several other writers I know are tackling in addition to self-publishing our work.

My new venture involves recording my stories for podcasts.  I have done short videos promoting my work and also promotional slideshows with my story recorded as background audio. I used my cellphone and an included app for recording. Recently, I became involved in a group which highlights submissions in their monthly writing challenge in a podcast.

A few of my stories have been selected and other narrators did a fabulous job recording for me. I was fascinated by how they brought the story to life with multiple tracks adding background effects that fit the story.

I read several articles on what microphones are recommendedIMG_3617 for podcasting and was surprised that some very successful podcasters use their smartphones with the microphone and headphones that came with them. I decided I would have more flexibility if I invested in one of the microphones and headphones recommended by an experienced podcaster in our group.

Microphones and accessories like headphones, pop filters, recording programs have a wide range in prices and quality. I think any writer who is interested in recording their stories for YouTube, a promotional video or a podcast should explore their options and select something that fits their budget and needs.

Audiobooks are another aspect to explore. Some of the writers in our podcast group are planning on recording their own audiobooks. If the cost of hiring a narrator or paying royalties on your work for perpetuity seems overwhelming then recording your own work may be the answer if you have the time and patience.

Platforms like Patreon offer an interface that allows writers and other podcasters to offer tiers and followers can opt to support that writer for a specific monetary amount in exchange for access to programs and products available to those who join.

All of these options take time and that means time away from writing, but it is another possible outlet for your books as well as a marketing tool to promote your work.

OMP Admin Note: Kate McGinn is a writer and OMP Network member – one of a group of networkers who will be blogging on a regular basis on various causes and issues. Kate hopes to spread awareness of the issue of American Veterans returning home to less help than they deserve. EMMAUS is one of the two main charities we are supporting.

Kate McGinn’s fiction can be found on Amazon in the flash fiction series BITE SIZE STORIES (Volume Two) along with five other guest writers and in the One Million Project Fiction Anthology. Her Clare Thibodeaux Series which include the suspense books — EXODUS, WINTER’S ICY CARESS, and NEVER SHOW YOUR HAND — is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Kate’s stories can also be found in the magazine — Mom’s Favorite Reads available on Amazon and Smashwords, and on “The Stories We Tell” podcast on Google Play, Libsyn, Spotify, and http://www.paulsating.com/the-stories-we-tell




Our short story anthologies written by over 100 writers have been recently published (links below) with all proceeds being donated to the charity organizations our group supports.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read the complete anthology for FREE, and KU proceeds are donated along with the proceeds from the sale of our anthologies.

Our volunteer authors love to see reviews, and every review helps to make the One Million Project’s books more visible to Amazon customers, assisting us in our mission to raise One Million Pounds / Dollars for EMMAUS Homeless Programs and Cancer Research UK.







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    1. Oooh, that’s a great idea about making our own audiobooks! Personally I hate my own voice, but then I remembered the Audacity software is not only free but it also has a lot of filters and effects. I’ll have to experiment with it sometime and see if it can make my voice sound lower and less screechy. (♯ᴖ.ლ)

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