Light and Hope

Today we have something a little different – three poems about the pandemic from members of Writers in the Wood. This is a writers’ group based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK. Several of its members are also members of the One Million Project.

Positivity in Despair by Amy Edwards

Daily life is confusing right now,
The virus is making us wear masks,
And we don’t know when it will go or how,
Its easy to feel trapped,
like the walls are closing in,
But we need to find some positive in these crazy times,
Because if we don’t we will lose our minds,
Stand up and get out and escape your normal day,
Or get engrossed in an amazing book,
it will help keep the overthinking at bay,
So phone your friends or video call your support,
Go for a walk in the fresh air be it long or short,
Take a deep breath and let yourself feel free,
It will eventually be OK again you will see,
But for now keep on keeping on,
And if you are struggling please talk to someone.

Amy is 26 and likes writing poetry, drawing, reading and watching good TV. She’s currently putting together a collection of poems to publish. She’s also a mum of one little boy who makes her laugh every day.

A Race to Survive by Lorraine Reed

SARS-CoV-2 does not discriminate between skin colour,
Cultural background, ability or personal view,
But sadly, in the midst of a global pandemic,
This is what humanity continues to do.

We collectively attempt to eradicate the viral outbreak,
For Earth dwelling individuals, in every place,
Where it takes a deadly toxin,
To unite the human race.

The eventual availability of a viable vaccine,
Cannot currently be confirmed for sure,
But implicit biases can and should be challenged,
As prevention is better than cure!

Lorraine Reed is an author of books in the genre of education and comedy. Lorraine is the creator and administrator of Borehamwood’s writers circle, Writers In The Wood. For further information about Lorraine and her published books please visit:

Living positively with coronavirus by Rozita Tavakoli

We should show kindness to our friends and family during these confusing times, I know how loneliness can affect anyone, if you have any close family or friends living close by, reach out to whoever is experiencing isolation or loneliness, arrange to watch a film at the same time with a friend and do a video chat, times like these we have to reach out to everyone near or far, although we are on the verge of wiping this virus out for good, all we need is a vaccination, till then is like playing a waiting game, this world of ours is changing and there is always a positive outcome in every situation, just have to wait a bit longer, any how by end of these restriction, I am going to come of this quarantine either 50 lbs lighter or 100 lbs heaver only time can tell, in the end when this pandemic ends we would be bursting with gratitude for being kinder, nicer, stronger, wiser, humbler human beings, till then remember there is always light after all there darkness, we all have to stand together till the vaccination is found and live positively with the coronavirus, till life goes to normal don’t forget to help the elderly neighbour who is isolated and alone.

You can find Rozita’s poems on Facebook at rozitatavakolibooks, on Instagram at rozie_posy, and on the web at

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