Heavensent~~by Christine Larsen

Without missing a beat,

gliding the thermals,

ONE most special winged soul

looking no different from the rest.

From a vast distance

DROPPED from the sky.

Getting bigger and bigger as she came to Earth,

when happenstanced the body of an angel

grew between her giant wings.

A great sigh echoed through the land.

HOPE was reborn in despairing hearts

that the world would live on,

after all.

Truly, it has been little more than a year of fear, suffering, loss and grief the Covid pandemic cursed humanity with… but to those worst affected, it must seem a lifetime. Many will see their loved ones again sometime in the future; some will not see theirs again, ever.

So much has changed about Life as any of us knew it. So much will never return to the status quo of our yesterdays… and for this, many despair. Many more grieve for all they once had, when too many of us took our good times for granted. There is much fear for the next and future generations amongst those who have lived history’s toughest moments… and survived. Many of those survivors believe younger folk have not experienced near enough hardship to develop the inner strength required; and many are correct.

But, will it require the same courage and tenacity as in the past? Will there be more of these attributes required this time around? Or less? There are so many support systems in place these days that were non-existent throughout previous hardships and in times of greatest need.

Perhaps a whole new flavour of communal understanding and empathy, respect and caring could approach, now the rich, the powerful and the famous have all been levelled to the same playing ground as the poorest and saddest humans. That’s the one thing about this disease — as in other pandemics that have swept our great globe — it bears no respect for any human strengths… or frailties, choosing its victims willy-nilly. Those who succumb are all as one in the eyes of this mass murderer.

Perhaps the despairing hearts will indeed turn as one to something greater than humankind to ‘deliver them from evil’.

Hope springs eternal. Fortunately, this optimism has been the basis of the human condition since time immemorial; and always will be.

Perhaps… after all.

OMP Admin Note: Christine Larsen is a writer, farmer, wife, mother, and grandmother from Australia. She has never been homeless or had significant cancer – yet – but has had exposure to both – creating a great sense of empathy and desire to help in any way she can. She is humbled by the opportunity to give one of her stories to the sincerely worthwhile causes of Cancer research and Homelessness.

Christine contributed A Bonny Wee Lassie to the One Million Project: Fiction anthology.

To find out more about Christine and her work:

ceedee moodling  (Christine’s website)

Christine Larsen, Author

 – on Wattpad

–  on Facebook

– on Tablo

– on Amazon

Old McLarsen had some Farms (farming memoirs)

ceedee4kids (Christine’s children’s book site)

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