This is the page about a featured artist that has contributed to the book. We will all take turns to be featured here and this page will change monthly. This month we will feature our resident designer, Claudia Murray.


I got into Graphic Design via Illustration as I am an  ardent cartoonist / graphic novel fan. As a long time friend of Jason  I agreed to not only to design the OMP logo, book cover and build this site, as I’m the most tech savvy person he knows!

As Speedy Pensalez I work by drawing in felt tip  (Berol is Best)or biro (Bic Fine and Regular are the choices of champions!) then scanning into Photoshop and working on them there. I do random Artworking and presentation work using PowerPoint.

My word Presss Site.

My other alter ego, Wardrobe Warrior has worked for many years in the Fashion and Beauty business. training in tailoring at London College of Fashion and in Personal Shopping. After training as a make up artist and in Fragrance Profiling  continued working for  Versace,  Jean Paul Gaultier and L’Oréal Paris amongst others, training staff and sales for many years.

I manage a large and thriving Meet Up group called Tooting Social Club  and am a member of a consistently winning pub quiz team and sing on stage with a live band once a month at Rockeoke. A true renaissance woman.