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SUE BARON – Vanilla Blood

When Lucian offers Livia the gift of immortality, she can’t refuse the eterIMG_5017nity to get her life right. But will Lucian’s secrets make her regret it?

Sue Baron isn’t a full-time writer but keeps wishing she could quit her day job. She’s been scribbling down stories since she was a small child, and she’s glad the evidence of those stories no longer exists. Ever since she read Interview With The Vampire, she’s been obsessed with vampires and other immortals. When she’s not writing about her own Children of the Night, she reads all she can get her hands on about these and other supernatural creatures. Sue lives in West Virginia with her boyfriend, Tim, and an ancient cat named Hercules.




LINDSEY-JANE DOLEY – Beach Wedding of the Year

Put on your best beach gear and designer ‘sunnies’ and get ready for ‘Beach Wedding of the Year.’ You’ve probably never attended a beach wedding or any wedding, quite like this one.IMG_5016

Lindsey-Jane comes from the land ‘Down Under’; Adelaide to be precise. She was born and grew up there, first in the Adelaide Hills, and now lives in a pretty garden suburb only about 4 kilometres from the city centre. She’s a real city girl but enjoys the relaxed lifestyle that Adelaide offers: not too rushed. It’s easy to strike a balance.

 Although loving South Australia, she was fortunate to be able to travel to lots of wonderful countries outside Oz during her eleven and a half years as an Air-Hostess with a domestic airline. She’s written about some of her flying experiences in her on-line book Here, There and Everywhere, which can be read on the Wattpad site. Later there may be the opportunity to have it published in South Australia, but we’ll have to wait and see.

 She has so much fun writing. She utilises her sense of the ridiculous to inject into many of her stories. She enjoys a huge variety of things; reading of course, rummaging in op-shops (charity shops), fashion, cooking, walking, either on the beach or locally. Also musn’t forget music, classical ballet, the telly, chilling on our lovely big veranda with a coffee or wine (especially Bubbly) and movies. She throws her myriad of ideas into a sort of big writer’s melting pot to see what emerges.



MELISSA VOLKER – Delilah of Sunhats and Swans

In this literary debut novel, a charming, enigmatic young woman with an uncertain past arrives in a small New England town, and serves as a catalyst that changes the lives of everyone she meets. But her past is catching up with her.


Melissa Volker’s debut novel, Delilah of Sunhats Swans received a Five Star Review from Reader’s Favorites and was praised by Alice Fulton, Guggenheim Fellow Poet, who said, “Delilah…is a charmer, a being blessed with a charisma as mysterious as it is luminous. You won’t soon forget her.” It was followed by a collection of short stories and a novella, a life undone. She is a member of The Straw Dog Writer’s Guild and recently won Words and Brushes third Collaborative Competition with her short story, Truths, which can be found on their website.

 The Thirteenth Moon was her first middle-grade, fantasy adventure novel and garnered her the description of “…a combination of C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling.” The Sequel, The A ‘chiad is scheduled for release in fall 2017. Volker then delved into the YA genre with a slipstream/soft scifi novel, Anabelle Lost and a magical realism novella, HIDDEN, each due out in April 2017.

Readers have described her writing as “beautiful, descriptive language”, “lyrical, lilting and poignant”, with “characters you connect with and care about.”




Byron King is a reclusive author trying to find the strength to write again after the death of his fiancée, but a haunting woman enters his life… who may not be human at all. AIMG_5013 tale of alcoholism, obsession and giving into dark temptations, despite the best intentions.

Brian is a new OMP member/contributor. He has spent most of his life in Florida, with short stints in Texas and Virginia. An avid reader, at an early age he fell in love with comic books, horror and science fiction. In middle school, he began writing stories to accompany his artwork and cartoons, before trying just storytelling. He completed 105 pages of a sci-fi pulp story entitled Orion’s Rise… then at school, lost the notebook. He did not write much after that, except as part of school projects and the occasional snippet.

Years later, he began to get the “writing bug” again and has found that he missed writing terribly. LILY was his true first shot at long-form writing, just to see if he still could tell a story. His OMP contribution Tocsin was submitted to multiple anthologies and magazines in exchange for a small stack of rejection letters. This will be his first published story since high school. His current project is Fools in the Flesh, his spin on a zombie story.

Some of his favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Paul Tremblay, Niel Gaiman, Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice and countless others.

 He is currently awaiting his VISA for settlement in Northern Ireland, where he and his fiancée, Nadimah (who provided the art for Tocsin) will marry. New location, a new life… and, in time, even more new stories.

Drop him a line and say “hi” at his Author Page on Facebook. He reviews and comments on a multitude of subjects, though mostly horror-related.

In time, he hopes to revisit Orion’s Rise with renewed vigor and confidence. Those characters he created in 7th grade, have never fully left his side.


Current Project –

An infection spreads in the small town of Dusk Falls, seeming to only affect the children. A zombie-style tale, told through alternating POVs… proving perception makes fools of us all.

Current Website/Facebook Author Page –


SOLEIL DANIELS – Images from a Wandering Mind

Enter a house where there’s no reason to live. Walk in the FullSizeRender 1shoes of the twisted. Introduce yourself with a first-person view to a family of psychopaths as bits of their journey are sprinkled throughout these fifteen stories. You may even find yourself a bit of unexpected romance.

Soleil Daniels is a writer. She is a writer mostly of dark things. Of death. Of brutality. Of the gorier side of things. Things that go bump in the night and then butcher you. Things that live to drain you of your very life’s essence—blood. Vampires. Boogeymen. Serial killers. The lost and forgotten. The depraved. All of which she plans to share with you at some point along her journey.

 Don’t fear, though. While there are the darker things in Soleil’s writings, she does focus at times with the lighter side of life, too. Romance. Love. Poetry. Dreams. And, why not? What is life without death? Love without loss? Blood without sex? Okay, maybe that last one doesn’t fit in with the other two, but Soleil does include both in her writing—blood and sex. Sometimes even bloody sex, but you only get to visit that and find out what we mean if you pick up some of her work.

 If you haven’t figured it out by now, Soleil Daniels’ work is written mainly for an adult audience. An adult audience that’s not easily offended, and one that is mature enough to handle scenes that contain sex and/or gore.



Amazon Author Page



ALEXANDER NDERITU – Someone in Africa Loves You

A love poem like E.A. Poe’s Annabel Lee . . .

Alexander Nderitu is a Kenyan poet, playwright and novelist. IMG_3194Some of his writings have been translated into Swedish, Japanese and Arabic. In 2014, his poem ‘Someone in Africa Loves You’ represented Kenyan literature at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. He is the Deputy Secretary-General of PEN Kenya Centre. His first poetry anthology, ‘The Moon is Made of Green Cheese’, was highly acclaimed and various poems from it have been published in several magazines and newspapers.

 Website –

Facebook –

Instagram – @alexander_nderitu

Twitter – @nderitubooks

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MICHAEL WALSH – Posted as Missing

Wounded and trapped behind enemy lines in WWI, David falls in love with Maria. Can he abandon honour and duty for her?

Michael Walsh was born during World War II on the east coast of Canada. He joined the Air Force after school and trained as a pilot, moved to the west coast, discovered mountains, and made a name for himself as an exploratory IMG_4953mountaineer. Then restless, he transferred to the Navy to captain ships. A dozen years later, still restless, he resigned his commission to expand his wine importing business and to pursue his passions, becoming a wine and food writer and educator and Canada’s chief coin geek. Restless again, he sailed off and rounded Cape Horn. Twice.

The past few years he’s lived aboard Zonder Zorg, a restored 1908 Friesian skûtsje, as he explores the European canals trying to sort out what to do when he grows up. Meanwhile, he’s gone back to writing, and after four nonfiction books on boating, he’s turned to fiction.







REBECCA WEIGER – In the Spirit of Letting Go

Death is not the last page of a book – it’s the start of a whole new story.

Rebecca Weiger is an aspiring writer from the very south of southern Sweden. She likes to think her pale complexion comes from being Scandinavian, but if she’s being honest with herself, she knows the hours spent behind a book or a laptopIMG_3192 (which she may or may not have named Mr. Bingley) might be the true cause.


When she’s not busy coming up with odd nicknames for her characters, she can be found downing copious amounts of coffee, looking up dance classes instead of university courses, and waiting for the Hogwarts letter that should’ve arrived a decade ago. She’s been posting stories on Wattpad for nearly a year now and has recently decided to share strange retweets and awkward jokes on Twitter.





SUSAN K. SALTOS – The Chosen Path

Jake would be normal . . . if his dreams didn’t come true, his crush wasn’t a witch, his roommate didn’t drink blood . . . oh, and a demon didn’t want him dead.

Susan K. Saltos is a resident of Northern Virginia, justIMG_4954 outside of Washington D.C. She writes “anything to do with romance” from young adult to contemporary adult to paranormal, fantasy, or Sci-Fi. If it has romance in it, Susan will write it. She self-published her Young Adult paranormal romance, The Chosen Path, several years ago. It has been expanded and improved upon and will be re-published in 2018. Also to come out next year, are the sequels Hidden Paths and Fork in the Road. All three books in the series and other various books in the draft stage can currently be read for FREE at:

Suggestions and comments are always welcome and appreciated.



 Fun, poignant, and inspirational . . .

Born in 1939 just south of Atlanta, Georgia, George A. McLendon spent his preschool years with his mom, waiting for his dad and four uncles to return from the war. His dad and three uncles returned. The one lost was the Navy fighter pilot.

Despite that loss and maybe even partially because of it, since early childhood, McLendon wanted to fly. He enlisted in the Navy, attended the United States Naval Academy and became a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. He retired as an airline captain.

Fascinated with the unanswered questions of the nature of consciousness, he sought answers to life’s mysteries and with his wife Ellen, traveled and studied, seeking the link between modern science and the wisdom of the ancients. McLendon has spoken at spiritual seminars in many different countries.

His southern roots also caused interest in American history especially of the 19th century. He has contributed to the One Million Project a short story, Encounter at Turkey Creek, a novel that is set in northern Alabama in the summer of 1861.

PAPA’S GIFT was his first novel. The author and his wife have been together over forty-nine years and live outside Las Vegas, Nevada. They raised six children and are great-grandparents.


Twitter – @Georgethewriter



Duty or damnation, which will Aralt choose?

wolf's oath


Meg Mac Donald shares a home in Michigan with her husband, children, a Norwegian Elkhound, and a clowder of cats. Meg’s short fiction and poetry has appeared in Weird Tales, Masques of Darkover, The Temporal Logbook, and other anthologies. She writes character-driven, #noblebright science fiction and fantasy and has a deep appreciation for classical literature and history. Meg has never been to the moon or owned a Woolly Mammoth, but hope springs eternal.

Twitter – @kyrrimar


DAWN ELIZE – The Irrational Logic of Fate and Love

If you meet someone three times, it’s not coincidence, it’s fate . . .

Irrational logicDawn Elize is a writer who published her first book on Wattpad. When she’s not out exploring the world or volunteering with animals, she’s writing away a new story in order to accomplish her dreams of becoming an author. 


Twitter – @dovereign_

Instagram –


LAVINIA LEIGHSugarlust (published as Flirt by Limitless Publishing)

A little flirt can go a long way . . .

Lavinia Leigh has been in love with stories her whole life. As a child, she used to read wellSugar Lust past her bedtime with her foot on the light switch, primed to turn it off quickly at the slightest hint of being caught. As an adult that love has been funneled into the stories she writes. 

When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her husband and daughters volunteering in the community which has led to all kinds of crazy adventures, including winning a Food Network cooking show.


Instagram –


Facebook –




GABY CABEZUT – Take Out Chef

Entering a new cooking school, filled with ex-delinquents and a yummy teacher, might be just what Jess needs to spice up her life . . .

Take Out ChefGaby Cabezut writes sweet, emotional stories that will make you swoon, laugh and cry. Her stories have gathered over 80 million reads online.

She’s part of the exclusive Wattpad Stars program, where she has been commissioned to write for brands like H&M. She’s the community assistant for Wattpad’s Spanish Ambassadors as well. She has been published by Limitless Publishing and Pop Fiction Books in the Philippines and will release a videogame app for Prince with Benefits and Take Out Chef as an audiobook from Hachette and Wattpad in September.



 MICHELLE BUGANTE – A Room for My Pretend Love

In love, there’s no such thing as pretending . . .IMG_3100✅

Michelle, who also goes by the name Meixia (美夏), is a 20-something Filipina living in China. Despite growing up in a small town south of the Philippines, she had always known that there was a broader world out there waiting to be explored. So when the opportunity presented itself, she moved to the Philippine capital of Manila to take her university degree in Communication Arts. After that, she spent three years working for an advertising agency before moving to China for greater opportunities.

 When she’s not out and about satisfying her wanderlust, she spends her days writing in order to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a novelist. A Room for My Pretend Love, which is published on Wattpad, is the first story she has ever written.



SEB JENKINS – Life After Death

Max is in his late thirties, stuck in a dead end job, no wife, no girlfriend and no friends.IMG_3102 In the midst of depression, and contemplating ending it all, he is plunged into an apocalyptic world of the undead, but it is in this hopeless world that he may finally find a meaning to life, after he meets loud-mouth teenager Lizzie.

Seb Jenkins is a 20-year-old student from Bedfordshire, England. His recent works are described as dark, gritty, and atmospheric which he attributes to a lifetime of immersing himself in endless horror books and gore-fuelled tv shows/films. When he isn’t writing, you can find him banging his head slowly against a brick wall, or desperately trying to think of that best selling idea he came up with at 3 am last night.

He grew up reading the likes of Darren Shan, Robert Muchamore, and James Dashner and hopes to recreate some of this suspenseful YA work, with his own unique style.

As of 2015, Seb is currently attending the University of Kent to study journalism and hopes to carve a career out of his passion for writing.


FERGUS Game of the Gods: Rebirth

The God of Evil searches for who she is . . .IMG_3098

  1. Fergus lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Chelsea, their two dogs, Rust and Moxie, and their five cats: Nova, Jupiter, Crater, Orbit, and Forest Fire. He retired from the Army in 2007 and worked in the tech sector solving computer-engineering problems for the military, universities, video game industry, and automotive companies. He began writing because Chelsea wanted a bedtime story. He started with fan fiction but grew tired of the restrictions of someone else’s world, so he set out to create his own.


Amazon Author



Living and fighting by the Creed, until someone asks why?IMG_3097

Mark Huntley-James trained as a physicist and worked in R&D before moving to commercial software development. He currently lives on a smallholding on the edge of Bodmin Moor with his partner, multiple cats, chickens, geese and a flock of rare-breed sheep. He writes Science-Fiction, Fantasy and a monthly(ish) blog on the antics of the animals, won the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition in 2013 and has an Urban Fantasy, Hell Of A Deal, published on Kindle.

Hell Of A Deal/Amazon UK

Amazon US


ALICIA J. BRITTON (Spotlight Creator) – The Fallow

Nine writers, one Captain, a

+nd an ugly dystopian dilemma . . .IMG_3101

Though she despises snow, Alicia lives in upstate New York and wouldn’t have it any other way. When she’s not speeding around Suburbia, coaching her kids through sight words, long division, science projects, etc., and counting down her days of “freedom” before her family of five gets a puppy, she enjoys writing “high stakes” romance stories. It’s been a genre journey that began with her Fairy Tale series (Amazon/Fantasy) and has progressed through Teen Fiction, Horror/Dystopian, and Mystery/Thriller (among others), most of which are available for free on Wattpad.

 Her stories are known for dark themes, lots of steam, strong characterization, and unapologetic rule-breaking. Since she loves movies almost as much as books, her dream is to have James McAvoy play Law in the movie version of The Fallow or Taylor Kitsch agree to the role of Christopher in Fairy Tale: Winter’s Bite. But she would happily settle for Dylan O’Brien and Lily Collins in Songs of the Season (because that would be adorable).


Admin for the @onemillionproject page

Amazon/Fairy Tale: Winter’s Bite



Twitter – @alicia_britton

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