We are a Global group of writers and artists who have contibuted to this book in order to raise money on behalf of Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS. We appear in the book as follows.

1. Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard ┬áThis One Before by Dan Impossible.

2. Slice of Life by Jason Greenfield. Art by Renata Kopac.

3. Pray to the Void by Tony O’Neill.

4. Diary of an Inconsequential Man by Jason Greenfield.

5. The Little Christmas Tree by Paul Skelton.

6. The Catman in the Case of the Unofficial Tontine by Jason Greenfield.

7. The Unassuming Coronet of Wonder by Chris Neal.

8. Those who would resist my Rule by Jason Greenfield. Art  by Thomas Cardin.

9. Taste by Rhian Rawling. Art by Dai David.

10. The Golden Legion by Jason Greenfield.

11. The Best Laid Plans. by Darcy Lundeen.

12. Hitchhiking and Praying by Paulina Dregvaite. Art by Gabriele Gudaityte.

13. New Dealers by Jason Greenfield.

14. Jack Knife by Cosmo Clinton.

15. Oni by Jason Greenfield.

16. The Perfect Tree by Sarah. A. Wilson.

17. Children’s Story by Jason Greenfield.

18. Halloween at Club Desire by Liz Gavin.

19. I Tasted Death by May Waters.

20. Super Wednesday Spider Dinosaur Man by Jason Greemfield.

21. Meet the Asboes by Jason Greenfield.

22. Where Angels fear to Tread by Chris Hind.

23. Hangin’ Junction by Jason Greemfield.

24. Candlelight Dreams by Ruby Julian.


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