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How A Cold December Night Will Help to End Homelessness

On a cold December night, 9,000 people will be gathering for the Sleep in the Park to end homelessness in Scotland.  It will be the world’s largest sleepover, EVER. Emma Louise Short and Emma Park — members of the One Million Project (OMP) — will be participating and will experience on Dec. 9, 2017, what homeless people live with all day, every day.

The hope is to raise social awareness by working together with local communities and groups as they try to get to the root issues of this problem.  The organizers have a plan to eradicate homelessness in Scotland within five years by providing people with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and support to get back on their feet.

Check back with the OMP blog as we post reports from the Sleep in the Park event, photos and interviews with the “Emma’s” about their experiences.

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OMP Admin Note:  Kate McGinn is a writer and OMP Network member – one of a group of networkers who will be blogging on a regular basis on various causes and issues. Kate hopes to spread awareness of the issue of American Veterans returning home to less help than they deserve. EMMAUS is one of the two main charities we are supporting.

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