The Doing Model – Today.

I ask you to be patient with me as I share my thoughts on the state of the world today in this blog, but we are in a Presidential election year and I feel the need to share with you a bit more about the Doing Model I mentioned in my last blog. I believe it has value and may help the outside world to understand where we are in the States at this time.

As I look at the current state of events in the United States and across the world, I see how the Doing Model put forth by Susanna McMahon, PhD, in her book: The Portable Therapist is playing out. She proposes that people subscribing to the early American work ethic, values we honor in the States, has lead to a society in need of therapy. She believes that there are more people exhibiting serious mental problems than there are individuals who are living complete and whole lives.

In this model, we travel our lives in a linear manner geared toward achieving goals and gaining material property and other external rewards. We are born into the system and progress through our lives measuring our success by how much we have gained: higher educational degrees, more promotions, successful families and children, bigger and better homes, more expensive cars, more wealth, more, more, more. This idea promotes the belief that we can never have enough or be enough, unless we are better than our neighbors.

It seems that those at the top can never have enough. Many families have more wealth than they could spend in many generations, but seek to get more. Businesses are there to make profits and pay dividends to their shareholders. They are there for the bottom line and aren’t concerned by how this impacts the world most of us live in. Bank presidents are paid tremendous bonuses even when their banks bring on a serious recession. The rich use tax breaks to avoid paying taxes and do not help in supporting the country’s infrastructure. Jobs have been sent out of the country and many families have lost jobs or had to take lesser paying positions to increase the profits of the large corporations. Pipelines are put in across territories protected by treaties and federal lands so gas can be moved at a greater profit for the wealthy. CEOs raise the costs of goods and services without being held accountable for their actions. War is desirable because it helps the profit margin. The desire for more never ends. The top 1% holds most of the world’s wealth, the middle class is losing ground, and the poor suffer. Many end up homeless.

When we are not at the top, when we are not the best, we therefore must be failures. Because it is difficult to believe we have failed, we look for external causes and begin to blame others for our lack of success. This dissatisfaction is played out on television every day. The cop shows are more dominant than family series. Burglaries, rapes and murders are watched on them and our belief that it won’t ever happen to us are diminished. We sometimes empathize with the villain and can see why he did it or why she deserved it, whatever it is. We learn to hate the police because they are there for the benefit of the wealthy while the others are profiled and abused. The Survivor shows, talent shows and lives of the rich and famous are more prominent than ever before. Athletes and stars are paid unbelievable salaries even if they are lackluster. The world is unfair and we can never measure up. Television rubs our noses in the success of the few and the failure of most.

Once we see how we have failed, we begin to be fearful of others. In the Sates today a race war has surfaced. I thought this had passed with Martin Luther King and others who helped bring us together, but now we see the hatred surfacing. The KKK and Nazi Party have become prominent in this years election and Americans are listening to their rhetoric of hatred. The NAACP tells us that Black lives matter when all lives should matter. Gays and lesbians are getting some rights but the Moral Majority has threatened to remove women’s rights by appointing Supreme Court and Federal Judges who will limit women’s rights. The Muslims are blamed for the evils of the world. Distrust of everyone is rampant. Political rhetoric states that we will make America great again, telling us that we are no longer great.

Have I depressed you enough? Sorry, but we must suffer a bit before we can dig ourselves out of a politically difficult situation. For me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Gen X has begun to turn away from the values we have cherished. Many are seeking to live in smaller homes and many don’t even want to own a car. Marriage is not as important as it once was and even the number of children desired is less. They may still want the latest technology and gadgets, but the footprint they make on the world may be smaller than that of previous generations.

For the older generations, we are beginning to see that the world we have created needs change. Global warming is beginning to surface as a problem and we may be ready to give up a bit in order to save the world from the disease of greed. The genocide of the Native Americans and the degradation of their peoples are frequently seen on Facebook and other media and are now viewed as a problem. A race of peoples may finally be understood and get the notice that has been denied to them since the Europeans took their country. A dysfunctional government has been recognized and the masses are asking for change. It might take a while before change occurs, but at least we understand the need. The rights of everyone will be looked at in the future, not just to be considered “politically correct” but also to truly understand the value of every individual.

The mental illness that many suffer can be treated. Cancer will be worthy of a cure instead of pharmaceutical intervention. Until that time, we ask you to support the OMP Project and help us help others.

I promise to be a bit more upbeat next edition. The election will be over and we will be seeking many new solutions to world concerns. Meantime consider the journey you are on in this life and see how you can be a solution. Thanks for reading and respond if you have time.

Nancy is writing a series of journaling materials to help people understand their own lives and move into a better world. Reflections Through the Looking Glass should be coming out in 2016. She also writes stories about haunted places and haunted lives. Share your story with her. Maybe  she can use it in her books.

Nancy PS Hopp

OMP Admin Note: Nancy PS Hopp is a writer and OMP Network member – one of a group of networkers who will be blogging on a regular basis on various causes and issues.

Nancy is a writer I encountered on the writing site WriteOn. I was impressed with her thoughtful and mature flash fiction stories, often based on her own experiences and background and asked her to join the One Million Project network, as a valued member.

One of those stories or a brand new one will appear in the guest writer section of the upcoming volume four of the anthology BITE SIZE STORIES series.

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