Losing a loved does not just relate to the physical death of the body. It is also watching loved ones live through illness all the way up until they finally depart. During these times, we may cling to hope whilst at the same time knowing the inevitable could someday happen.

I lost a loved one to cancer in 2004 after 10 years living with it. I found the whole ordeal frustrating, found myself questioning God and even now in 2017 I still feel like I could not save him and often ask myself what if anything I did wrong? I don’t feel as much pain as I used to and though it may sound weird to say this, it was one of the best experiences of my life in terms of how it has helped to shape me and my views. I still cry sometimes but learned a lot from my friend during his time living with cancer, he never once complained and seemed to accept the situation more than I did. I often wondered what was going through his mind but he was always happy in my company and we never really talked much about the illness but rather thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

After he passed I wallowed in self-pity for two long years and then in 2006 I decided he would not want me to live this way and also that I had to find the strength to make my life worthwhile for both of us otherwise where was my gratitude. So I wrote my first poem and have been writing ever since. My first poetry book series ‘For The Love Of I: Inspirational Poetry’ is now published and I also perform spoken word as well as write poetry for commercial brands. I even do motivational talks and recently got an offer to do spoken word in New York!

This all came out of what seemed like a hopeless situation and is far more beautiful than anything I ever imagined. Not because I’m now a published author, but that accepting life situations, finding ways to embrace them and acting on the inspiration that spews forth from loss, mourning and death can be what actually helps make life worth living for us again.

That said one never gets used to attending funerals and loss has a way of reminding us of every other loss we experienced. Whatever your situation be sure to take one day at a time, be as strong as you can, let the pain and tears flow as required, forgive yourself for the days you feel distraught and above all show yourself love, care and consideration because you’re going through a tough life changing event.

Some words you hear will be kind and encouraging; others will shake you to your core and make you feel resentment. Whatever the case, remember it is never yours or anyone else’s fault! Because people living with cancer do not choose that path knowingly or to hurt us.

Until next time, it’s your #divineloveagent checking out with best wishes for your health, wealth, and happiness. Look after yourselves.

OMP Admin Note:  Patsy Jawo lives in London in the UK, is a Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Author of ‘For The Love Of I: Inspirational Poetry’ Series which has 5 volumes:

Vol.1 Gratitude; Vol.2 Peace; Vol.3 Freedom; Vol.4 Truth; Vol.5 Destiny.

Enjoy poems, spoken word free and buy copies of Patsy’s books @: www.vewbooks.com

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